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Utilities for PostScript fonts

There are here two little programs written in C (using t1lib) for scanning Type 1 fonts, and doing:
– compute the ‘black area’ of each glyph, with how much percent of the square containing the glyph is black, and
– checking if the ‘extremas’ (see Adobe Type 1 specifications) of the outline are correct, and tell which one are missing.

There is also here a PostScript dictionary containing three algorithms for automatic kerning (the kerning is computed ‘on the fly’ instead of being pre-computed by external software like TeX, groff or lout; very useful for some PostScript hacking). Two of these algorithms are quite classical; the third is original and is PostScript-optimized. The PostScript file in the distribution contains both demonstration code and the dictionary itself.

The author is Thomas Baruchel.

License: bsd Version: 1.0 Catalogued: 2015-08-03